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Walter Salin: biography

- Classical studies at the High School, Law at the University and graduated in guitar with best marks at Bolzano Academy;

- plays around Europe in solo, chamber (duo projects with  sopranos Barbara Lazotti and  Ingrid Kaufmann and tenor Oscar Garrido Bassoco; Bolzano quartett) and orchestral ensembles;

- joins Europe Classical Guitar Festival and Spanish National Radio playing works of contemporary music composers;

- guitar teacher in Masterclasses around Europe (Bratislava, Conegliano, Novacella, Merano) and artistic director at the Bolzano Classical Guitar International Festival;

- recorded for the national television (RAI) and the Cinema and joined Vittorio Storaro in Mirka and Liliana Cavani in the tv fiction about A.Degasperi;

- writes shows for the theatre and played with Arnoldo Foà, Gino Bramieri, Alessandro Quasimodo, Riccardo Cucciola, Andrea Castelli e Lucio Gardin;

- plays with Salin Ensemble (since 1998) with his three sons, arranging Renaissance and ethnic music and creating street shows for children;

- plays renaissance-pop with Elfika’s Dream, with his sons and the percussionist Pepè Fiore;

- plays with Salin Duo, inside the project “Tra soffi e pizzichi”, with his son Giovanni, flute player;

- plays with Cava Tapi, electroacoustic trio with Giampaolo Campus and Sergio Camedda, inside the project “La voce dell’antenna” dedicated to Fortunato Depero.

Now lives in Rovereto.

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