venerdì 5 aprile 2013

Review of Matteo Mela: Astor Piazzolla Complete Guitar Works, Stradivarius

Tango. A sad thought that is danced. A word. A sensation. An emotion. Music. Atmosphere. A composer. Piazzolla. It’s difficult to find another term that with one word is able to communicate immediately with these concepts, this combination of pathos, history, music, sweat, dance and music, being able simultaneously to cut off from his place of origin and making it a world's cultural heritage. Jazz? Too many genres below. Rock? Which? Pop? Yes, but when there was Andy Warhol. Blues? That's right, the blues is good. But the Tango have a plus, because the blues is the blues, but the Tango has Piazzolla as its poet and heavy champion. Because it takes a genius, a real genius to make a musical genre born in brothels, fuse it with jazz, classical music and klezmer and give it a spirit, a soul strong enough to make it universal and immortal. It takes nerve, muscle, talent and great passion to play at its best this music for dancing or for a guitar. Matteo Mela, Per Arne Glorvigen, Lorenzo Micheli, Ivan Ramaglia and I Solisti di Parma have talent, passion, intuition and they have to sell. This record is a solid, compact monolith, without a single smear, without a single failure, without a single loss of emotional and musical tension. It leaves you breathless, stunned, for its devotion and passion. 74 minutes of pure talent. Here there is no room for smoking, here is just the roast: the Tango Suite for two guitars, the Histoire du Tango for violin and guitar, the Cinco Piezas and Double Concerto "Hommage a Liege". All played at their best, with a control on the instruments and a so superlative technique that doesn’t interferes in any way with the emotions, feelings and colors that musicians forward with the simplicity and the skill of someone who has studied and played a lot. Buy this record. Listen to this record. Give this record. Open the doors to tango. Don’t regret it. Matteo Mela and Astor Piazzola Complete Guitar Music, thirteenth Volume of the Stradivarius Guitar Collection will not disappoint you.

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Unknown ha detto...

Yes, today music isnt really music. I also appreciate good music. Thnx for the tip :)

Andrea Aguzzi ha detto...

Thanks for you comment +Sten Turk !