venerdì 18 ottobre 2013

Piccolo Ensemble Elettroacustico, OSTinLOOP “a tribute to Morricone”

Dear Maestro Morricone

I know that you are always very busy. Despite your old age You continuous to give us every year new music and new emotions nearly feeding a boundless discography as it is testified by the list of OST composed by you, always adjourned on your internet website.
The point is that, dear Maestro, You have become a myth, your music will survive to your person keeping on marking in indelible way new generations music and cinema’s lovers, and keeping on inspiring new generations of musicians and composers. How did you succed in this? How is possible that you have met and make acceptable and agreeable contemporary music to legions of people that have never entered a concert hall and that rarely buy a cd?
A great talent, the ability to create some catchy and simple motives back which to hide a not common musical complexity, an explosive creativeness fed with discipline and daily laboriousness. I believe you are current of the fact, dear Maestro, that in the last years around You is exploded a real record cult: reprints and above all homages and remixes of your works starting from that masterpiece that it was "The Big Gundown" by John Zorn. From there in then Dj, jazz players, classical orchestras, underground and alternative rockers, all of them, have homaged you with a recording, a cd, at least a concert in your honor. For some time I have also tried to be work behind this record-demografic explosion.. then I have capitulated for excess of inflation.
Today, however I allow myself to show you this cd by the Piccolo Ensemble Elettroacustico, the trio formed by Elia Casu (guitars and electronics), Matteo Muntoni (bass and prepared bass) and Stefano Vacca (drums, percussion). And it's a beautiful job: three excellent musicians that elaborate re-play again your music with a grim and non common intelligence. They are indeed first of all three excellent musicians, not afraid of anybody or anything and then .. I would not want to exaggerate for excess of guitar enthusiasm but their trascriptions of your music have more gain.
For instance let’s get their version of “Here's to you”.. they have thickened it into a Naked City’s march style of one minute and forty, without the (I would say this without being offensive) melodious and annoying vibrato in hippy 60’s years style of Mrs Baez and what about the arrangements by " Il buono, il brutto e il cattivo”? And Vanzetti's speech? And "For a fist of dollars?" Not so bad isn’t it? With that saturated and distorted guitar and the drums that runs better than one hundred drums machine set on drum & bass rhythms, beautiful, saturated by sounds, swaying on a carpet of white noise that, perhaps, remanin you to the period witch you were playing in the period in Nuova Consonanza. Beutiful, indeed beautiful the idea to replay with a spoken word the scenes of the films, anchoring this homage to a kinematic idea, elaborating again but without never betraying the melodies for which they were born. Indeed a beautiful cd, Maestro, you have worked so hard, an indefatigable life of job, I think it will be a pleasure for you to listen to this tribute and to feel that someone continues on the way you have traced.

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