venerdì 19 marzo 2010

Karen Saillant: UNLOCK your breath

UNLOCK your breath
- Your Key to an Expressive Voice and Body
6th - 10th September 2010
20th - 24th July 2011
The is activity is intended singers and voice coaches of lyrical singers

Full scholarships are available to cover travel, room and board. The deadline for application is April 15.

Carl Stough was able to restore hospitalized, bedridden, emphasema patients to natural, easy breathing (we have cinefluorographic films of their restored diaphragms) through a series of isometric exercises that he developed. Carl was called by The US Olympic Team to work with The Track and Field Team for the high altitudes of Mexico in 1968 Olympics. His team won more gold medals than in any prior Olympics, their records would stand for 25 years and they were the only team not to need oxygen. Before his death, Carl designated Karen Saillant as one of a handful of people to share this revolutionary work. Karen will give master classes in Malta in September. There are full schoalrships available for EU residents. Application deadline for scholarships is April 15th.

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