venerdì 28 febbraio 2014

Interview with Andrea De Vitis - Supernova

When did you start playing guitar and why?
When I was a child I enjoyed improvising songs and tunes heard on TV on a small toy keyboard that was given to me as a gift. At age 10 I decided it was time to move on to a more serious intrument!

What did you study and what is your musical background?
I started studying with Marco Cerroni at the Collegium Artis in Frascati , where I do teaching activity , and then graduating in the Conservatory of Perugia with Leonardo De Angelis. After earning a law degree , I have enriched my musical education by attending numerous masterclass with Arturo Tallini , Paolo Pegoraro , Adriano Del Sal , Carlo Marchione , Pavel Steidl , Piero Bonaguri , Hugo Gueller ...

What guitars do you play and have you played with ?
Currently I play a guitar made by the Belgian luthier Walter Verreydt and an other instrument made byluthier Mario Grimaldi. Both have spruce top and Indian rosewood bottom and bands, while the Grimaldi has a traditional construction (fan bracing ) , Walter Verreydt’s guitar presents the different constructive formula latex -bracing ( but without the addition of materials other than wood) . In the past I've played the classic Spanish cedar " chitarrone ": the Doble tapa premium by luthier Contreras II and Modelo Especial harmonic by Cardenal Antonio Gonzalez .

What were and are your main musical influences?
My influences come mainly from the teachers I have studied with: currently Paolo Pegoraro , Adriano Del Sal and Arturo Tallini . I’m also very interested in baroque performance practice and performing early music on original instruments . Outside of classical music, my musical tastes ranging from Dire Straits to Bossanova ...

What prompted you to enter the Supernova?
The pleasure of playing with friends , the enthusiasm and expertise of Arturo Tallini , the interest in the sonic possibilities that an ensemble of this type can create.

What are your other future projects?
My current project is to bring the guitar in places that are usually intended for other artistic activities, such as theaters. For this reason I created a show called " Dialogues in Music " , with the collaboration of the actress Marina Polla de Luca, who has previously worked with Carmelo Bene: crossing a repertoire that ranges from " Platero and I " by Castelnuovo-Tedesco and "Ultima Rara " by Sylvano Bussotti , we pursue the goal of fusion between the word and the sound , between the poetic declamation and musical gesture . "Dialogues in Music " has just premiered in Rome for the festival " Casa dei teatri e della drammaturgia contemporanea".

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