martedì 25 febbraio 2014

Interview with Giulia Ballarè - second part

What were your main musical influences? My musical background are varied but common to most of the young people of my generation: a child with the family who listened to poo italian music to opera, from Verdi and Rossini to Mozart. I still remember my grandfather, who despite coming from a family of farmers, he knew by memory all the lyrics of the arias. Then I went to the parish and I was fascinated by the majesty of the organ and grandeur of the voices of the choir. Growing, then, I met Flamenco music (as mentioned earlier).

What prompted you to enter in Supernova group.. ?
The idea Supernova convinced me right away! I joined it because I was first excited because I already knew everyone even if superficially, having only met them in various competitions (with Davide Tomasi I had shared a few years at the conservatory in Novara ). Finally a chance to know each other better and playing without competition, simply by sharing our passion. Being together, then, proved to be something extremely funny and curious because during rehearsals and concerts , there is the possibility to studied each other and learn from your neighbors. Personally, I enjoy the idea of trying to ' steal ' some technical device to my 'supernovi' colleagues, young guitarists that are among the most talented in Italy and which represent a not indifferent incentive for me.
Having been directed by M ° Tallini has given me the opportunity to play an avantgarde repertoire ( Maderna , Riley, Stockhausen, Pisati ... ) which, alone, I would never have dared.

What are your other future projects? With the victory of the competition to Mottola, I just released a CD with dotGuitar label, so ... I have to do a lot of concerts to be able to promote and sell my CD! And for those who are interested you can find it on iTunes, Amazon, etc.. .. Obviously in my projects you can always find a good dose of daily study and also some competition to confront guitarists around the world.

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