venerdì 21 febbraio 2014

Review of A.Scarlatti Chlori , Nymph and Lover Arias & Cantatas , Stradivarius 2013

It's a few years now that the Scarlatti family is in the news regarding the world of the classical six-string guitar, in particular the compositions for harpsichord by Domenico Scarlatti have often been transcribed with considerable success , refreshing the classical repertoire, always a little cramped around its tight boundaries.
This CD instead is mainly dedicated to the figure of his father, Alessandro Scarlatti, brilliant composer and to the transcriptions for archlute , baroque guitar , theorbo and voice of some of his operas and cantatas. To engage in this enterprise, recently released by the independent italian record label Stradivarius, we have Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli , Massimo Lonardi and the voice of Renata Fusco.The CD begins and ends with " a sparkling symphony borrowed " from the opera La Principessa Fedele, while the centerpiece of this record is given by the youth opera, composed only eighteen years old, Gli Equivoci del Sembiante, work of considerable success , recovery from numerous productions. Always by Alessandro Scarlatti we find alos two his chamber cantatas : Rosiguolo and Cantata di Lontananza.Talking about Scarlatti’s family in the cd we find also the Sonata for harpsichord K81 composed by his son Domenico .This is a truly remarkable cd for the skill of the musicians involved and the beauty of the transcriptions, recorded in Stradivarius’s sound perfect style , with a very nice and interesting booklet that accompanies it with texts written by Lorenzo Micheli to which we shall ask him when he will decide to write a book, any book he would like to write, about guitar. One of the finest records of 2013.

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