martedì 18 febbraio 2014

Review of Metamorphoses SoloDuo , Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli , Solaria 2014

I am writing this review on a February rainy day, looking for a little distraction from the dullness that offers the “winter of our discontent “. Even the cover of this Metamorphoses evokes coldness , loneliness, in the blinding white of a snow storm , I have the desire for something that could warm me up and make me hope for the early spring which I know is still far away but I want soon to see and enjoy .What better than seeking shelter in music?And so here we are to enjoy the arrangements of Mauro Giuliani, Emilio Pujol , Ida Presti, Alexandre Lagoya and Miguel Llobet and the music of Isaac Albeniz , Claude Debussy, Rossini , Enrique Granados, Johann Sebastian Bach and Maurice Ravel .We know Matteo Mela and Lorenzo Micheli very well over these years of blogging, they do not make mistakes when they play, they can extract from their instruments poetry and emotions without indulging in melismas or other subterfuges. And with their personal record label Solaria they well know how to give us moments of joy that take away the tedium of this rainy winter .Their excellent performances are underlined by the quality of their recording label that emphasizes both the romantic and lyrical tone of their music, both the colors of their guitars , giving a warm and "full" of harmonics sound that fills my room chasing away my melancholy ghosts .Let’s play it again, it's raining outside, but who cares ?

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