martedì 11 marzo 2014

Supernova - Interview with Davide Tomasi

When did you start playing guitar and why?
I started playing the guitar when I was eight years old. I remember one day I had to go to the birthday party of a classmate of mine in the primary school, she was not so nice to me . So I was wandering around his house and I went in in his brother's room and saw hanging on the wall in sight two guitars. So I began to pluck the strings of the instruments, and I immediately fell in love with the sound they produced. The next day I asked my father if he could buy me a guitar and he said , "Okay , but only if you go to lesson." And so it all began .

What did you study and what is your musical background?
My maternal grandparents were both musicians, my grandmother was a celebrated dramatic soprano while my grandfather was a conductor. I remember that from the earliest years of my life , when I went to visit them , I used to sit at the piano next to them and watch them as they played and sang together ... Needless to say how much this has affected my decision to study music and then turn my passion into a job.
I was admitted to the Instituto Pareggiato " Franco Vittadini ' of Pavia when I was twelve. Until I was eighth year old I studied with Roberto Pinciroli , and I follow him till his untimely death , I decided to continue my studies with Guido Fichtner at the Instituto " Guido Cantelli " of Novara , with whom I graduated at eighteen yeard old, the same year of my high school degree! Also under his leadership, then , I got the master degree in 2012. I am currently perfecting myself at the Academy " Francisco Tarrega " in Pordenone with Paolo Pegoraro and Adriano De Sal.

With guitars did you played and have you played with ?
Until one year ago I was playing on a Hauser copy built by Milan luthier Lucio Antonio Carbone. But now I have a guitar cedar top built in 2002 by German luthier Gernot Wagner, the historical founder with Matthias Damman of the now famous double -top construction technique .

What were and are your main musical influences?
My parents, my mother through my grandparents, my father always had an unbridled passion for classical music and so ever since I was a kid in our home we were listening to records of Michelangeli , Rostropovich, Ojstrach … and Segovia! This has had a huge influence on me and still my main musical influences reside in these unforgettable myths of the past , but also in the great musical personalities of the present and , more generally, in the great tradition of classical music .

What prompted you to enter the Supernova project.. ?
Certainly the desire to play along with the other components of the octet and confront their ideas so different, but at the same time all very interesting! In addition my dear friends are a great source of inspiration for me. And then the curiosity to go into a repertoire with which I had rarely played ...

What are your other future projects?
During this time I am preparing several international competitions and so for most of the time I find myself locked up at home studying! I am also contacting several musicians outside the classical guitar world ( pianists , cellists , conductors etc. . ) with the intent of studying with them some passages in our repertoire . I received very positive feedback about it, I’m hopefully!

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