venerdì 21 marzo 2014

Supernova - Interview with Pietro Locatto

When did you start playing guitar and why? What did you study and what is your musical background? What guitars do you play and you've played with ?

I started playing guitar at the age of seven years old. I was born into a musical family ( my older brother was studying the violin , my mother is a pianist and my father , in addition to being a luthier , has been a concert guitarist and teacher). Classical music in my house has always been a constant presence from earliest childhood , so  guitar arrived in my hands in a natural way ... I had a little toy guitar on which I learned the first simple reasons. The first few lessons were taught by my father, then when  I was 8 years old , I went to study at a music school not far from home, but the real turning point came at age 11 when I met Stefano Grondona , the Master who would accompany me to the graduated at the age of 17 years. My personal way toI play and think about music has been  formed under his guidance from those years. After the period of study with Maestro Grondona ( the first school of Santa Cecilia in Brescia and then at the Conservatory of Vicenza), I continued my journey with Maestro Frederic Zigante and under his guidance I obtained the academic qualifications of II Level . In addition to these two important presences , I consider decisive and fundamental in my musical growth lessons of Maestro Ghiglia at the Accademia Chigiana ( where I was three years) and with  M ° Laura Mondiello (which I have attended several masterclasses ) .
My musical background moved around these persones, of course, but the way I interpret it is also the result of a passionate and continuing listening to great musicians that have marked the history of the music of last century from Segovia to Paco de Lucia for guitar, Perlman and Milstein among violinists , Michelangeli , Alicia de Larrocha , Martha Argherich , Gould, Pollini among pianists , Stokowski ...
For the guitars , I have to say that I always played instruments built by my father : I started with a smaller Torres model ( when I was younger ) , from thirteen years now (except for an interlude of two years in which I used a copy of the Torres SE 111)  I play with a  'model Garcia' and I have to say that responds adequately to all my needs. Thanks to the work of my father , I had the good fortune and opportunity to come into contact with many valuable instruments ( Ramirez , Simplicio , Friedrich , Fleta , Garcia and others, in addition to the latest generation of guitars ) .

What were and are your main musical influences?

In part, I have already answered above. My musical influences are as obviously in the world of classical music and its performers , primarily those that I mentioned before: they have been and continue to be my references . If I had to name another genre that has influenced my training I would say definitely  flamenco: I remember that when I was a child, when I started playing were Paco de Lucia’s guitar  or the voice of the Gipsy Kings that caught my attention.

What prompted you to enter in Supernova .. ?

My entry into Supernova is born from the friendship between me and the other guitarists who make up our ensemble with whom I had shared many circumstances in the past. To me it represents a new approach to ensemble music ( and new repertories ) with other guitar players ( before that I used to play only in formations such as the more traditional guitar duo or with violin and other instruments) and I think that Supernova has all the characteristics to bring something new, original and valid .

What are your other future projects?

In this period , as well as I’m working to to broad the repertoire for my concerts , I'm preparing for some major competitions and I'm thinking about recording my first cd.

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