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Supernova - Interview with Gian Marco Ciampa

When did you start playing guitar and why? What did you study and what is your musical background? Wich guitars do you play ?

I started playing guitar when I was 10 seeing my brother strumming songs . So I started to play, who would have thought that guitar would eventually become my whole life ...
At 14 years old I entered the Santa Cecilia Conservatory in Rome, where I graduated with Maestro Arturo Tallini , but together with the classical guitar I have always played the electric and acoustic ones and I have to say that I 've really deal with all kinds of music from rock to metal, from jazz to punk, until I got into electronics , a genre that I like very much thanks to my band, I have fun with them also to " tweak" with samplers , synths and drum machines .
In short, between a concert and a classical guitar competition , I give vent to other sides of my personality, and I always thought that deal with different kinds of music is both an advantage and a servant in all fields, it opens your mind , makes you more responsive, I used to not think for patterns and closed preconceptions. If I could go back , I would do the same experiences that I did.

What were and are your main musical influences?

Since when I was very young, I had the good fortune to listen to so much quality music since I was very small. The first , as for many , they were the Beatles then came the Smashing Pumpkins , Radiohead to continue with Mogwai and Sigur Ros. There would be many artists to mention because I have heard, and listening still, a lot of music, regardless of genre.
Regarding the classical music of course I feel closer to the repertoire of the twentieth century, that is what I try to bring in my concerts. Among all composers, as an attitude and as a way of thinking about music, what I prefer and what I feel closer to me is Aleksandr Skrjiabin .

What prompted you to enter the Supernova .. ?

Supernova is an ambitious and at the same time very challenging project. Playing with hig skilled peers is something wonderful : you can work on very interesting repertoires, there is a continuous exchange between us and I do not deny that it is also very funny ... in the end we are still young boys , there's always the desire to have fun !
I knew that playing in eight would not be easy, but now the feeling between us is growing and playing together then becomes less difficult and more beautiful for all of us: these are times of great growth , musical and otherwise .
So I think we just can say that … can just say that
unity is strength!

What are your plans for the future ?

Well at the moment, among the many concerts as a soloist with classical guitar concerts, with my band "Libra " which has just released the album, Supernova , and the various schools where I teach : I am not bored at all!
I do not know what the future holds for me but surely I want to continue to do what I do but always at the highest level!


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