venerdì 14 marzo 2014

Supernova - Interview with Martina Barlotta

When did you start playing guitar and why?
I asked my first guitar at Santa Claus when I was two and a half years old: from a young age I felt a strong attraction to this instrument. Officially, I started playing at the age of six years in elementary school , in courses that provide for the collective participation of four children . I was immediately struck and I still remember the joy and excitement of the first lesson . I was so excited that I was playing all the time: just came home from school I felt the need to pick up the guitar in his hand - and this , even now, has not changed! - . I never failed a class and my passion grew more and more, so that the teacher decided to follow individually. My transport for the instrument was such that since then I have never stopped studying : the courses lasted the school year but I kept the lessons during the holidays . From the age of six years, the guitar has been part of my life, my everyday life. Let's say that my life is the guitar , music .... I always played ! I can not imagine myself without my guitar and I do not remember moments without " her." I have not started playing for a reason , we say that the music was to pick me , to see me , and with the instrument ... it was love at first sight!

What did you study and what is your musical background?
I started studying at the age of six years old with M. Mirko Pieri in my town, Grosseto, with the courses offered at the elementary school . Then in musical junior high I met M. Fabio Montomoli who followed me both in school lessons and at the Institute of Music Palmiero Giannetti in Grosseto. In 2010 I fulfilled my dream studying at the Conservatorio Santa Cecilia! I have participated in numerous master classes, but for my training is still importan M. Oscar Ghiglia . As a child I spent hours and hours watching his videos and reading his interviews . In 2012 and 2013 I studyed in Accademia Chigiana and I had the honor to follow in his lectures. I have been completely conquered by the lessons of M. Ghiglia , his personality , his way of dealing with students, his way to feel and convey the music .

With guitars that sound and you've played with ?
My first guitar was un'Alhambra who are very fond of and which I still play , I approached with her my first competitions and experiences. They are then passed to a Franco Barsali , a luthier in Bientina , a dear friend. I still own that guitar, and the sound often. About two years ago on the advice of the Master Tallini I bought an Alessandro Marseglia : a beautiful guitar with great power timbre , richness of colors and sounds. My guitar is " alive " is not only an instrument, it is my traveling companion .

What were and are your main musical influences?
I've always listened to all kinds of music although I prefer classical music. Of course I do not limit myself to my instrument , indeed , I love going to the opera and orchestral music . Even as a child I was always fascinated by the figure of the conductor, through his interpretation is capable of translating the intentions of the composer and transmit seizing the soul of his work.

What prompted you to enter the Supernova .. ?
I'm the youngest in the group. Being part of such an important project is a real honor , a moment of professional and human growth. Having as a guide like Arturo Tallini, 360 degrees artist, a reference to contemporary music for guitar in Italy and abroad is for the octet synonymous of pride, musical growth and personal maturity .

What are your other future projects?

My upcoming projects are the diploma at the Conservatory and graduated from high school next year. I would definitely turn this my great passion for music into my job.

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