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Supernova - Interview with Francesco Scelzo

When did you start playing guitar and why?

I started playing the guitar at 9 years or so. My father had a classical guitar in our home, and he introduced me to the instrument teaching me my first chords and the first "songs" .

What did you study and what is your musical background?

In the beginning, as I think is the same for all instruments, the study may become dangerously boring. Daily study in the techinque in a particular repertoire , and especially if you're still young and do not have a teacher able to excite you, can be very hard to pursue this discipline.
I personally remember that regularly during the holidays (Christmas, Easter , Summer ) I used to leave the guitar, sometimes for long periods, negating the result of months of work. So my dad had the idea of ​​me taking lessons of "modern guitar" that included the electric and acoustic guitar as well as keep me still anchored in some way to the six-string . Then he contacted a multi-instrumentalist musician during my vacation, in summer, not only to teach me but also to let me play with small groups of friend, in various places.
I continued like this until a few years ago and since then I had the opportunity to try my hand at different styles of music from folk to rock music to Brazilian music . At the same time , however, I also followed and completed an academic course in guitar graduating in 2010 with honors in the Conservatorio " San Pietro a Majella" in Naples, under the guidance of M ° Maurizio Villa. In 2012 I completed the two-year Second Level with the highest grades , always in Naples . In 2013 I graduated instead in "Master of Performance" at the " Guildhall School of Music and Drama " in London under the direction of M° Robert Brightmore .

With guitars that sound and you've played with ?

Currently , I play with a guitar Kohno model "Special" , which was won thanks to the first prize at the " Brno International Guitar Competition" in the Czech Republic
While during live performances with my trio of South American music I use a Takamine .
I also have also played a Yamaha Pacifica electric guitar and an Ibanez acoustic for music Pop-Rock .

What were your main musical influences?
Regarding the classical music without any doubt Julian Bream continues to be a point of reference but also Vladimir Horowitz and Mstislav Rostropovich .
Currently I still listen to a lot of '70s rock music , and I love Pink Floyd.

What prompted you to enter in Supernova project?

No doubt the opportunity to get in touch with guys like me whom I had much to learn and share , and finally the curiosity to hear what could get out .

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