venerdì 20 luglio 2012

Gitaroj - (Sergio Chiarito & Chiara Papa) - I. Albeniz "Tango n.2"

Gitaroj Duo takes is name from Esperanto language and it means "guitars. The choise of Esperanto (a planned language, developed between 1872 and 1887 by Ludwik Zamenhof Lejzer) isn't casual but strongly linked to the musical project that the Duo proposes. In fact, the purpose of Esperanto is to talk to different people trying to create communication and peace between them with a second, simple but expressive language, belonging to all humanity and not only to a people. The aim of the Gitaroj Duo is the union of the different musical languages into a single language, performing pieces from different cultures creating, at the same time, unique and varied events. The Duo Gitaroj's project proposes pieces that come from the original repertoire for guitar duo along with their own arrangements and compositions. Everything with a look at the modern, contemporary and multiethnic repertoire. In particular, the Duo works with the Project "Danza Mundi", a journey into the world through the characteristic dances from different peoples and cultures. Traditional dances, revised or reinterpreted pieces that engage all the expressive possibilities of the instrument: the guitar. The sounds become colors and images, transporting the audience into distant worlds: from waltz to tango, from the romanian dances to samba rhythms, passing through many different flavors.


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