lunedì 23 luglio 2012

Review of Quadrat D'Or by Stefano Grondona, Stradivarius 2012

Italian Translation

"Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Wagner: in this recording project it is intended to concentrate that repertory which sees the guitar raise its gaze to the greatest figures of music and offer them its voice."

There we are. Maybe. With this latest CD Master Grondona concludes a long and exciting journey of exploration and .. redemption in the repertoire of the Catalan master. No one before him had delved so deeply into Llobet's music, caring with painstaking dedication every aspect, every detail of his music production. The results of this survey have been exceptional: a series of CDs where the virtues of Llobet were reiterated and highlighted after an unexplained "oversight". To conclude, the latest CD with the remaining transcriptions for guitar of musics by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner, a Quadrumvirate of musical geniuses able to shake anyone's wrists, which, however, have never written a score for guitar. Here the genius and the sensitivity of Llobet: transcribe, translate, "carry" this musics so they could be played by a guitar. Transcripts rarely performed in public, by the almost intimate, confidential character, not only because of the nature of the Catalan guitarist but also the lack of attention paid to the transcripts, which are considered more often simple banality of the original songs. I believe that this not true: this cd combines two profound musical intelligences, one by Llobet a sensitive virtuous for too long obscured and one by Grondona, an exceptional performer who was able to discover and identify with this music. More words would be superfluous, the guitars speak for themselves.

"Apart from pointing out the quality of Miguel Llobet as a real titan of the modern guitar music, all these arrangements, from the most intimate - also sometimes in the form of  'fragment' - to the most formally complete, force the sensibility of the interpreter beyond the limits of the repertory more correctly known as 'for the guitar', if only by offering the opportunity of a journey out of the ordinary."

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