martedì 17 luglio 2012

Review of J.S.Bach Pieces pour la Luth by Oscar Ghiglia, Stradivarius 2008


Italian Translation

This was the first record I played in 2009.
It’s a great pleasure to have the opportunity to write some notes about the last recording of the italian classical guitarist Oscar Ghiglia, made by the italian label Stradivarius, completely dedicate to the music of Johan Sebastian Bach.
In his book " Ricordo al futuro " Luciano Berio wrote ".. I like to read or listen to the music that questions itself and ourself and invites us to a constructive revision, or even to a suspension of our relationship with the past and bringing us to new discovers on future paths .... "and I think that these words seem to be a perfetc “key” to understand this record.
Ghiglia questions himself in the beautiful booklet that accompanies the record about "what shall be the way to perform Bach’s music?" The answer to this supposedly rhetorical, but rather substantial question in the musical poetry of a musician reveals the eternal dilemma between a vision of music as an expressive metalanguage and the image of music as a selfish, cold figure, close in itself and independent both from a contemporary vision of the world than from his history.
The answer that Ghiglia expresses through the colors of his music seems to be to draw freely from the universal library of music that surrounds us and that we have created. An immense library, which grows free in every moment and in any direction and dimensional space, whose rooms are full of sound and where Bach himself have an exceptional role and importance.
Borges wrote, " I saw the Aleph from all points, I saw in the Aleph the ground and in ground again the Aleph and the Alephin in the earth, I saw my face and my bowels, I saw your face and I felt dizzy and wept, because my eyes had seen the secret object, "
It was a wonderful way to start 2009. Superb recording quality, simply impeccable!

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